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Lowse (full name unrevealed) was a criminal associate of Krome. He had light hair and eyes.

Crime Inc.[]

Lowse was a willing (even gleeful) participant in Krome's various murder schemes. He aided Krome by delivering deadly rigged toys to their various murder targets, sometimes employing a disguise to conceal his identity.

Krome and Lowse were forced to return to the scene of one of their attempted murders when a bomb that they had planted failed to go off. Their previous killings had attracted the attention of the police, and the two men found themselves trapped between Dick Tracy and Kitty, Krome's girlfriend who had turned against them.

Kitty shot both Krome and Lowse. The sound of gunfire prompted Tracy threw a nitro glycerin bomb at Lowse and Krome. Kitty rescued Krome, but Lowse (who already had been shot) was seriously injured in the blast. He survived long enough to tell Dick Tracy and Pat Patton that Kitty had attacked him, leading the police to investigate the woman's home.


  • Lowse's name is derived from the word "louse", which is a small parasitic insect. "Louse" is used colloquially to mean an unpleasant, dishonest person.