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Louie Small was a petty gambler in Dick Tracy's city. He was a slender man with thick dark hair and a cleft chin.

Louie had been arrested on more than one occasion by Dick Tracy and Sam Catchem for running dice games. He later found himself deeply in debt to loan sharks. Louie heard about Big Boy's One Million Dollar Open Contract on Dick Tracy's life, and he believed it was his only chance to get the money he needed to clear his debts.

Louie gained access to police headquarters by assaulting a janitor and stealing his clothes. Disguised as the janitor, Louie sneaked up behind Tracy and drew his gun. Tracy detected Louie's approach, and was able to knock Louie out of a high window to his death.

Small's attempt on Tracy's life (followed shortly thereafter by an attempt by Pierce Lowb) led Tracy to suspect that there was a larger plot against him.