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Lottie Latté was an undercover agent of the National Security Agency (NSA) who infiltrated the terrorist cell operated by Al Kinda. Lottie was uncommonly tall and bulky, and could be mistaken for a male due to her size and habit of wearing a suit and tie. She was frequently shown applying lipstick and other cosmetics to her face.

Meeting B.O. Plenty[]

At Kinda's direction, Latté met B.O. Plenty and Gravel Gertie at Ronald Reagan Airport in Washington D.C. The Plentys had recently won a large sum of money in a lottery and Kinda was determined to cheat them out of it in order to fund his terrorist activities. Latté met and befriended the Plentys, who took an immediate liking to her.

Through a series of misadventures, a valise holding some of the Plentys cash was swapped with one containing top-secret government missile codes. Latté brought the Plentys to Al Kinda's hideout, where they discovered the contents of the valise. Kinda was pleased,and he ordered Latté to kill the Plentys. Latté took B.O. and Gertie to the hideout's basement, where she shot into some nearby junk and told the Plentys to keep quiet.

As Kinda was preparing to transmit the secret government information to his terrorist associates in Afghanistan, B.O. Plenty emerged from the basement and struck Kinda with a baseball bat. B.O. and Gertie fled. When Kinda revived, he berated Latté for not killing the Plentys and shot her in the chest. Kinda left Latté for dead and went off in pursuit of the Plentys.

Shortly thereafter, Kinda planned to blow up the Capital building with a bomb. Kinda was perched on the exterior of the Capital dome, preparing to detonate the bomb when he was shot by Latté. Latté revealed that Kinda's bullet had only struck her make-up compact and not caused her serious harm. It was at this point that the Plentys learned that Latté was a government agent. She was praised for her bravery and skill, and she rewarded herself with a fancy coffee.


  • A latté is a drink consisting of espresso, milk, and often some other flavoring. It is often served hot (using steamed milk), but can also be served over ice.