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Lois Lansen was a drug addict who was a client of the dope ring that included Laffy Smith, Needles, and Ziggy. She had been an attractive nightclub singer, but the effects of narcotics caused her face to become lined and haggard-looking.

Lois had an arrangement where narcotics would be delivered to her room in a hotel concealed inside a newspaper. Dick Tracy was investigating the drug ring and he found Lois' name on some forged prescriptions that had been used to obtain the narcotics. Tracy monitored Lois' room and discovered the delivery method.

Lois became distraught over her situation and fled to the hotel's roof, threatening to jump. Tracy employed reverse-psychology and managed to keep her from jumping. Lois resolved to quit her drug habit and was re-united with her mother.


  • The prescription form that brought Lois to Dick Tracy's attention gave her last name as "Moll". Her name was later given as Lansen. "Moll" was presumably an alias.
  • The exact nature of the drugs that Lois was using is not clear. It was described as a white powder, which would tend to indicate either cocaine or heroin. Since the drugs were obtained from a pharmacy, it is more likely that it was heroin or some other opiate, especially given the effect it had on Lois' physiology.