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The criminal known as Lofty was an uncommonly tall man with wavy dark hair. He had a pointed chin and nose.

Lofty had a tendency to speak in a grandiose manner, and would often criticize his subordinates for what he perceived as ill-mannered behavior. He typically wore a suit jacket over a shirt that was ruffled at the front and cuffs.

Lofty believed himself to be especially intelligent and cultured, and tended to treat other people as inferior.

Lofty's Car Theft Ring[]

Lofty operated a car theft ring in Dick Tracy's city and the surrounding suburbs. He employed a number of operatives and go-betweens as means of insulating himself from police suspicion. He would change the location of his illegal "chop-shops" frequently, and was rarely directly involved in the theft or dismantling of cars.

Lofty's closest associates were the brothers known as Upside and Downside. They would report the activities of the car thieves to Lofty, and occasionally suggest a course of action to him.

The Capture of Lofty[]


Dick Tracy and the MCU were able to link Lofty to the network of car thieves and chop-shops. Tracy arrived at Lofty's base of operations with a warrant for his arrest. Lofty briefly resisted, but was subdued and arrested by Tracy.

Tracy then had to inform his long-time friend Pat Patton that Pat's nephews were members of Lofty's criminal organization.