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The woman known as "Little Margie" was co-owner of a costume shop in Dick Tracy's city. Her nickname was ironic, since was large in stature. She had straight light-brown hair and an intimidating physique.

Little Margie had a simple mind, which enabled her cousin Big Margie to manipulate her into helping with Big Margie's criminal endeavors. Their cousin Middle Margie was more protective of Little Margie.

Little Margie was aware of the scheme that Big Margie had arranged to rob the cosplay convention that the cousins had sponsored, but she was not directly involved in the robbery. When Big Margie invited Little Margie to join her in celebrating their success, Little Margie went along, unaware that Big Margie planned to vandalize a Jewish Cemetery.

When Big and Middle Margie were arrested, Middle Margie attempted to convince the police that Little Margie was not involved in their crimes. Little Margie's fate is unclear.


  • There is no apparent connection between Little Margie and the 1950s TV comedy My Little Margie.