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"Little" Littel (first name unrevealed) was a criminal in Dick Tracy's city. He had dark wavy hair and a moustache. His nickname "Little" was derived from the fact that he was less than five feet tall. Her was married to Lily Littel.

At some point in the past, Littel had served in the military. While stationed in Vietnam, he had become an explosives expert.

The Open Contract[]

After returning to civilian life, Littel became a member of The Apparatus. He had been arrested several times, but had no major convictions. He was the major suspect in several gangland bombings.

Little's preferred modus operandi was to place the bomb inside the cab of a car under the dashboard where the target would likely not expect it. As such, the bomb could evade a standard inspection and it would detonate with the car's ignition system when the target started the car. 

Littel gave up his criminal activities and ran his own electronics store- Littel Electronics. His wife Lily convinced him to try to kill Dick Tracy after she read of Big Boy's One Million Dollar Open Contract. Littlel placed a bomb in Dick Tracy's car, which killed Moon Maid instead of Tracy.

After evidence was gathered that indicated Littel's guilt, Dick Tracy, Sam Catchem, Lizz and Junior all converged on Littel Electronics to apprehend him. A brief showdown ensued which accidentally started the countdown on a bomb in his workshop. Littel told everyone else to run for safety while he attempted to disarm the bomb. He was unable to do so, and was killed in the explosion that destroyed his electronics store.

Lily was taken into custody and swore revenge on the police officers she believed were responsible for her husband's death.


"Little" Littel (leftt) with his wife Lily (right).