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Little Doc (full name unconfirmed) was the son of Flyface's sister. He shared the family's poor hygiene habits which resulted in flies constantly buzzing around his face. He typically wore eyeglasses.

Family Reunion[]

Little Doc was close with his grandmother Mrs. Limpp and he visited her every day. Doc was present when his fugitive uncle Flyface came to Mrs. Limpp's home for holiday dinner. Flyface was abducted by his criminal associates, but Mrs. Limpp was able to hold one of them hostage by pretending that Little Doc's water pistol was a real gun.

Later Life[]


Doc in 2019

Years later, "Doc" was revealed to still be living in Dick Tracy's city. Doc was engaged in criminal activity, including trafficking cocaine. He took a regular job as a floor manager at the Patterson Playhouse.

Doc ambushed Dick Tracy outside police headquarters one night and shot him, apparently out of desire to avenge his uncle. Tracy survived due to wearing a bullet-proof vest.

Doc continued with his criminal activities, but one of his drug smuggling schemes went awry. He went to the Patterson Playhouse (where the missing narcotics were known to be) and shot at Tracy again. This proved to be a different person who was wearing Tracy's hat and coat.

Doc was arrested, then suffered some health issues as a result of his cocaine use.


  • The name "Little Doc" always appeared in quotation marks, indicating that it was a nickname.
  • Doc's associate Mitchell referred to Doc as "Mr. Limpp". While that could be an alias that Doc used as a tribute to his family, it would not be an especially effective one. Doc was stated to be the son of Flyface's sister, so presumably "Limpp" would only be his last name if she had not been married to Doc's father.
  • According to Dick Tracy: The Official Biography, the appearance of Little Doc in 1959 was unsettling to many readers, prompting them to complain to their local newspapers. This (combined with a general shift in newspaper publishing trends) led to many newspapers dropping the Dick Tracy comic strip from their pages.