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Lita Flite was an well-known American aviator during the 1930s. In 1937, Flite was lost at sea and presumed deceased.

In 1964, a body was found frozen in a chunk of ice in Alaska. Evidence indicated that it may have been the body of Flite. Dick Tracy and his department investigated the mysterious body with the aid of Dr. Ludwick Frost.

It was eventually discovered that the body was not Flite, but was a spy that had been sent to kill Flite and replace her as a means of gaining entry to the United States. It was also learned that the man who had identified himself as Frost was an imposter named Eric Von Rhino, who had led the spy ring in 1937 that had targeted Flite. Von Rhino was killed and the real Dr. Frost later presented himself.

Flite's body was never recovered and she is still presumed deceased.


  • It is unclear why Dick Tracy's police department was assigned the task of investigating the body in the ice by the State Department. It is possible that Tracy was involved because his city was one of the very few in America with appropriate cold storage facilities.