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The woman called Lispy was the mastermind of a gang of a trio of female bank robbers. She had light hair, heavy eyelids, and spoke with a lisp.

Lispy and Dick Tracy[]

Lispy drilled the three female bank robbers that she had recruited in a military fashion. She was not happy to learn that one of the robbers was so ignorant about firearms she had kept the safety on her gun on during all three of their robberies. When a bank robbery ended with a double murder, Dick Tracy suspected that the robbers were amateurs with an experienced operative behind them.

Dick Tracy was investigating Lispy's activities when her gang crashed their vehicle while fleeing the police. Their overturned vehicle proved to be insufficient shelter during a shoot out. One of the robbers was killed and the other two surrendered. They refused to accept bail, fearing Lispy would have them killed.

While Lispy and her friend Pucker Puss were attempting to avoid police in a stolen van in a trailer park, Lispy died of natural causes due to long-standing heart condition. After her remains were found by Dick Tracy and Sam Catchem, an investigation of her hideout revealed .22 caliber shell casings. This led the police to investigate Pucker Puss, who was discovered to be one of the underworld's deadlier freelance assassins.


  • Unlike most of the criminals who crossed paths with Dick Tracy, Lispy died of natural causes (see also Big Boy).