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The young woman known as Limey Doll worked for The Zodiac Gang and served as a courier for Scorpio. She was tall and shapely. Limey Doll typically wore a floppy hat, shaded eyeglasses, white gloves, high heels, and a one-piece mini-dress with lacy frills at the hemline. She had a distinctive hairstyle in which her blonde locks wrapped around the sides of her face and the end curls crossing each other in front below her chin. She often smoked cigarettes and carried a large white purse.

Working for Scorpio[]

Limey Doll

Limey Doll smuggled a set of $1500 gold cuff links from London to the United States, where she delivered them to Scorpio. Unbeknownst to Limey Doll and the Zodiac Gang, the cuff links were evidence in a murder investigation. Dick Tracy and Lizz had previously secured the cuff links, flown to London, and made arrangements with Scotland Yard to have them sold on the black market through a courier in hopes of tracking them to the murderer they were seeking.

Tracy went undercover as a banker named Mr. Duggan and passed the cuff links to Limey Doll at Piccadilly Circus. "Mr. Duggan" then rode in a taxi with Limey Doll to the airport, depositing fluorescent dye powder on her shoulders and hat to make her easier to track.

Lizz posed as a stewardess at the London airport. She observed Limey Doll and determined which flight the female courier was taking to the U.S. Lizz rode a Space Coupe ahead of the plane to the airport where Limey Doll was scheduled to arrive. Once Limey Doll landed, Lizz used an air car to track her to Scorpio's headquarters on the 20th floor of the Tower Building.

Scorpio and his gang were eventually captured by the police, but Limey Doll had returned to London before the arrests were made (10-17-1969).


Limey Doll and the cufflinks
  • It was unclear if "Limey Doll" was the character's legal name. However, given that no other members of The Zodiac Gang went by their real names (Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, etc.), it is reasonable to assume that "Limey Doll" was also an alias.
  • "Limey" is a slang term for a British person. It often has derogatory connotations.
  • Limey Doll was able to transport the $1500 cuff links through customs by wearing them as earrings.
  • Limey Doll was last seen in silhouette on 10-15-1969, shortly before her return to England. Her fate is unknown.
  • There is no established connection between Limey Doll and Honey Doll or The Doll.