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The Li'l Dropout Club

First Appearance:

February 24th, 1965

Known Members:

Matty Square (deceased)
Hub Wheeler
Crease (deceased)
Chuck (deceased)
Blood Carson (deceased)

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 22

The Li'l Dropout Club was a gang of thieves and killers that operated in Dick Tracy's city. They mostly worked under the direction of Matty Square.

The members of the Li'l Dropout Club wore pinback buttons with the club's name and a drawing of a monkey on it. This was apparently inspired by Li'l Dropout.

Dick Tracy claimed that the club's members "resent and despise this term 'dropout' and this is their way of ridiculing the whole idea."


  • Several members of the Club appeared in the strip before the Club was specifically identified as an organization.
  • It was not explicitly stated if the members of the Li'l Dropout Club had all dropped out of school, or if it referred to "dropping out" of society at large.
  • The Li'l Dropout Club was used to describe the members of Matty Square's gang. It is reasonable to assume that all of the known members of Square's gang belonged to the Club, even the older members.
  • It was not established if Mr. Bribery (an associate of Matty Square) had any direct connection or knowledge of the club, or any association with its members.
  • A common physical feature among the members of the Li'l Dropout Club was described as an "effeminate mouth".
  • While the Li'l Dropout Club was known to mostly engage in mugging, purse snatching, and car theft, the members generally had little concern for human life and were willing to kill (with knives, guns, or via hit-and-run with a car) without much thought.