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Leyden Aigg ("laid an egg") was a young amateur photographer who lived in Dick Tracy's city. He was a slender bald man who typically wore round eyeglasses.

Leyden lived with his overbearing mother, and had ambitions of becoming a professional photographer. He was approached by the criminal Zero Nought, who recruited the unwitting Aigg into his revenge scheme. Aigg inadvertently helped Nought find some of the men that Nought planned to murder.

Aigg eventually became suspicious of Nought and he went to the police. He gave the MCU information about Nought's identity, whereabouts, and recent activities. The police raided Nought's apartment, and Nought fled. He hid in Aigg's home, holding Leyden and his mother as hostages.

The Aiggs were eventually able to trap Nought in a walk-in freezer in their kitchen. They then fled the house. Nought was freed by another of his associates, but he was soon killed by Dick Tracy in a shoot-out.