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Leitmo Tiv was a writer who lived in Dick Tracy's city. He was a heavyset man, with long white hair. Leitmo Tiv had a pretentious air about him and typically dressed in an extravagant manner, with ruffled cuffs and a cape.

Leitmo Tiv had been a sports writer, but shifted his attention to the subjective field of art criticism when he found that he was unable to differentiate between a good sports team and a bad one. After he began writing about art, Tiv was recruited into a scheme by the art thief Dab Stract.

Stract arranged for Tiv and several of his accomplices to steal valuable works of art, replacing them with copies. Tiv would then identify the copies as genuine. Dick Tracy became suspicious of Tiv when Tiv identified an obvious forgery of a famous painting as being the original.

Tiv was brought to police headquarters for questioning, and he agreed to cooperate after his fingerprints were found on a number of forged artworks. Tiv told Dick Tracy everything that he knew about Dab Stract's past and his plans. This enabled Tracy to catch Dab Stract.

Tiv received a light sentence due to his cooperation. He then changed fields again and began to write about politics.


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    The name Leitmo Tiv is derived from the term "leitmotiv", which is defined as a short recurring musical phrase that is associated with a particular person, place, or idea. It is derived from the German leitmotif which means "guiding motif" or "leading motif".