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Lee Ting was a member of a criminal organization that operated a human trafficking ring out of Dick Tracy's city. He was Chinese, and had thick dark hair, a thin moustache, and prominent cheekbones.

Aiding Stud Bronzen[]

Lee Ting acted as a go-between for the immigrant smuggling ring and Stud Bronzen, a boat captain who transported the immigrants to the city from international waters. After Bronzen escaped from the death-trap set for him by the Blank, his remaining boat was seized by police. Stud approached Lee Ting for help.

Lee Ting agreed to use his influence to have Stud made captain of a new, faster smuggling vessel, in exchange for a bribe. Desperate, Stud paid the bribe and resumed his smuggling activities.

Stud was eventually killed and much of the smuggling ring was dismantled. Lee Ting's fate has not been confirmed.


  • The criminal organization to which Lee Ting belonged was referred to as "The Syndicate". It has not been established if this is the same organization that was an early version of The Apparatus, or if it was different group that was dedicated solely to human trafficking.
  • It is possible that Lee Ting's operation was built out of the remnant's of Toyee's smuggling enterprise (as both men were of Chinese origin and engaged in similar criminal activities), but this has not been confirmed.
  • A later Rogues' Gallery feature indicated that Lee Ting was arrested and received a life sentence.