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Larceny Lu and her gang ran a stolen auto parts ring which was discovered by Junior Tracy. Lu had dark hair and a left eyelid that drooped. She was later depicted with light hair.

At some point, Lu and her brother had lived in London, England. After Lu's brother was arrested and sentenced to life in prison, she moved to the United States.

Lu's gang escaped when Dick Tracy raided their hideout, but Junior and Tracy captured them in the small town of Crossville.

Alliance with Steve the Tramp[]

Lu was paroled and returned to a previous residence. She was approached by the injured Steve the Tramp, who had recently escaped from prison and sought her help. Lu reluctantly agreed and arranged for Doc Hump to treat Steve's injuries. Doc was intercepted by police on his way to Lu's home, so Lu was forced to flee with Steve to the home of her associate Mortimer. There, Lu operated on Steve herself, mangling his face in the process.

She later had Steve kill her rivals Jerry O' Marra and Mickey Dunn in the summer of 1934. Lu was able to capture her old enemy "Scotty" Bumpsted and gave him to Doc Hump for experimentation. Doc was arrested and Lu again captured Scotty, this time paralyzing him. Scotty’s mother Edith hunted Steve and Lu down, almost killing them.

The Mary Steele Plot[]

Dick Tracy arrived and captured Steve the Tramp but Lu escaped. Steve had given Lu an envelope containing his account of his time with Junior’s mother Mary Steele, so Lu decided to find Mary and trick her into giving her half the money willed to her by Hank Steele. She reunited with Mortimer and drove west to find Mary.

Lu and Mortimer discovered Mary Steele at the lunch counter she owned and brought her back to the city. Dick Tracy discovered their plot and arrested Lu and Mortimer at an amusement park, thanks to Pat Patton's detective work.