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Lafitte was a bloodhound owned by the wealthy Mr. Steel and his wife Kora. Lafitte was loyal, and had been trained to help protect his owners' secret. 

Lafitte lived to an old age, and he developed a wrinkled appearance. He wore a spiked collar that was at odds with his otherwise harmless aspect

The Arrival of Haf-and-Haf[]


Lafitte was living with the blind Kora Steel when Tulza Tuzon (aka Haf-and-Haf) arrived at the Steel home. Tuzon was a fugitive, and he sought sanctuary at the home of his childhood neighbors. Mrs. Steel gave him a job as her butler, happy to have some companionship other than Lafitte.

Haf-and-Haf noticed that Lafitte guarded a locked door that Mrs. Steel never used. Haf-and-Haf became determined to find what was behind the door. One day as Mrs. Steel napped, Haf-and-Haf attempted to pick the lock, but Lafitte operated a trap door (as he had been trained to do) that dropped Haf-and-Haf into an underground tunnel. Haf-and-Haf dragged Kora with him, leaving Lafitte alone in the house.

Meeting Dick Tracy[]


Shortly thereafter, Dick Tracy arrived seeking Haf-and-Haf. Not wanting to antagonize the dog, Tracy asked his daughter-in-law Moon Maid to temporarily stun Lafitte so that the police could enter the locked room. Bypassing the trap door, they discovered the desiccated corpse of Mr. Steel, who had died six years before.

Lafitte revived from Moon Maid's stun and showed affection for the detective. Later, Lafitte's skill as a bloodhound allowed the police to track Mrs. Steel and Haf-and-Haf. Presumably, Lafitte was returned to Mrs. Steel's custody after her association with Haf-and-Haf was dissolved.