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Lafayette Austin was the father of Ugly Crystal. He had light hair and heavy-lidded eyes. He often wore an ascot around his neck.

Lafayette Austin was a police informant in Dick Tracy's city. He had several connections to the criminal underworld. When he learned about the arrival of Ugly Christine's daughter, he suspected that he may be the girl's father. This was later proven to be the case, and Austin and Crystal became a family.

Lafayette Austin had some skill with finances and record-keeping. After a chance encounter with the criminal Polar Vortex, Vortex hired Austin (who used the alias "Striker") to work in his office. This was part of a plan by Austin, who wanted to gather evidence for the police to prove that Vortex was in the process of perpetrating a fraud involving an unclaimed inheritance. Austin was eventually able to ensure that the funds went to proper party.


  • It is not clear if Lafayette was ever married to Ugly Christine, Crystal's mother. He described himself as having "had a relationship" with Christine, which might tend to indicate that they had not ever married.
  • Lafayette Austin had a contentious relationship with Mr. Bribery, who disapproved of Austin.