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Kress Kroywen ("New York" spelt backwards) was the first husband of Toby Townley. He had light hair that he wore swept back, as well as dark eyebrows and a dark moustache.

Kress' father was the wealthy owner of several rubber plantations in South America, and Kress worked for his father's business.

Family Drama[]

Kress married Toby despite his father's objections. He then went to work on one of his father's plantations, unaware that Toby was expecting their first child. When he learned that Toby had given birth and fled from their home, Kress returned to America to find her.

Toby feared that Mr. Kroywen would attempt to test his medical serum on their baby. Toby had abandoned the baby in such a way that it would be found by Dick Tracy. This was reported in the local newspapers and Kress and his father went to the police station to attempt to claim the child.

To Kress' surprise, his father abducted the baby and fled. Toby then revealed herself and she and Kress were reunited. Mr. Kroywen injected the baby with a dose of sleeping sickness, planning to the treat it with an experimental serum he had devised.

Dick Tracy attempted to recover the baby and Mr. Kroywen was killed in a struggle with the detective. The only prepared dose of the cure was also destroyed. Kress and Toby feared that their baby would die, but Dick Tracy was able to reproduce the serum from the late Mr. Kroywen's notes.

With their baby recovered and returned to them, the grateful Kroywens returned to their home.

Years later, Toby became re-acquainted with Pat Patton and they were married. No mention was made of Kress Kroywen or their son. Their fates are unknown.


  • Kress stated that his father objected to his marriage to Toby because they were both under-age. This seems unlikely, since Toby had served time in prison (presumably having been sentenced as an adult). It is likely that Mr. Kroywen believed that his son was too young to get married and Kress expressed this clumsily.