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Kora Steel was the wealthy blind widow of Mr. Steel. She had light hair and a lined face. When her husband died, Mrs. Steel left his body in a locked room in their home which was guarded by her bloodhound Lafitte.

When the fugitive Haf-and-Haf was seeking shelter, he approached Mrs. Steel, whom he had known from his childhood. Haf-and-Haf lied about his present situation, and asked Mrs. Steel for a job as her butler. She agreed.

Mrs. Steel was lonely and starved for affection. Haf-and-Haf exploited this and made romantic overtures to her. He convinced her to marry him, and they went to a judge (who was actually an associate of Haf-and-Haf). Dick Tracy interrupted the "ceremony" and took Haf-and-Haf into custody. He then explained Haf-and-Haf's true nature to Mrs. Steel, who felt foolish.

Mrs. Steel then explained to the police how her husband had died in their home many years previously, but his death had never been reported so that she could avoid paying any inheritance tax.


  • It was implied that Mrs. Steel could face criminal charges related to tax evasion, and also possibly harboring a fugitive.