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The cat called Kitty Square had the odd trait of smoking cigars. He had belonged to Matty Square and subsequently Mr. Bribery.

Bribery attempted to break Kitty of the smoking habit, and when he that failed, he attempted to drown Kitty in the city reservoir. Bribery tied a heavy steam iron to Kitty's collar and prepared to toss it into the deep water. Kitty slipped out of the collar and attacked Bribery. For some reason, this endeared Kitty to Bribery, who took Kitty home and continued to light the cat's cigars.

The iron was later recovered, which aided the police in tracking down Bribery.

After Kitty became part of the Police Department Menagerie, the cat gave up cigars.

Many years later, Mr. Bribery would tell the sentient computer program called "Matty Squared" that Kitty had died.