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Kitty was the ex-wife of Lips Manlis. She had light hair and light eyes.

Lips and Kitty had been divorced in 1934. When Kitty learned about Lips' attempt to reform, she was happy for him. Kitty approached Dick Tracy when Lips (in his new identity as "Bob Honor") went missing. Kitty agreed to try to help Tracy find Lips.

Lips' girlfriend Mimi was suspected of abducting Lips, and Kitty knew where Mimi lived. She led Tracy to Mimi's apartment, where they confronted Lips, Mimi, and Mimi's criminal associates. Lips, pretending to prefer his criminal lifestyle, opened a trap door under Tracy and Kitty. Tracy and Kitty were stuck in in this lower chamber while Lips despatched with armed criminals. Mimi committed suicide by drinking poison rather than be arrested.

When they were last seen, Kitty and Lips were speaking privately. Lips raised the idea of a possible reconciliation. Their fate is unknown.


  • Though they divorced several years earlier, Kitty was introduced as "Kitty Manlis", indicating that she continued to use her ex-husband's surname. Her maiden name is unknown.
  • There is no established connection between Kitty Manlis and Kitty or Kitty (Mrs. B-B Eyes).