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Kitty was the girlfriend of the hired killer Krome. She was an attractive, slender woman with dark hair.

Conspiring with Krome[]

Kitty was aware of Krome's murderous activities, but overlooked it because of the lifestyle it afforded them. In December 1940, Krome revealed to Kitty his plan to commit murder using toys.

Kitty had a pang of conscience and decided to stop Krome. She tracked Krome and his associate Lowse to the scene of their latest murder, where they all encountered Dick Tracy and the police. Kitty was determined not to allow Krome to kill again, and she shot him and Lowse. The shots prompted Tracy to throw a nitro glycerin bomb at the killers, and Kitty fled amidst the confusion with Krome in tow.

Getting into a taxi, Kitty decided to take the wounded Krome back to her apartment. Krome begged for mercy, and Kitty was amused by the irony of the situation. Krome was able to overpower Kitty and he electrocuted her using her electric hair dryer. He fled the scene, staging the death to look like an accident.

Kitty's body was found by the police shortly thereafter.