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Kiss Andtel was an attractive singer who became professionally and romantically involved with the criminal Mumbles. She had blonde hair and light eyes.

Unwitting Accomplice[]

Kiss Andtel sang with Mumbles and his quartet. As a result, she unintentionally became involved with their criminal activities. When she tried to break away from him, she became a victim of Mumbles' cruel reprisal. He intimidated her into cooperating with him, including the use of a threat of throwing acid in her face if she refused.

Despite Mumbles' threats, Kiss was able to get information to Dick Tracy and the police that helped them to thwart Mumbles' plans. She was rescued from a yacht that Mumbles had planned to blow up (with her and the other quartet members on board), and Mumbles was presumed lost at sea.

Upon returning to the mainland, Kiss Andtel was offered a job singing with the popular Larry James orchestra. Her fortunes seemed to have changed and she exited Dick Tracy's life for some time.

The Return of Kiss Andtel[]

Many years later, an older (and apparently dying) Mumbles returned to the city. Kiss had also aged and had become very timid and easily frightened. She was cared for a young woman named Kisme Quick, who believed herself to be Kiss' niece.

Kisme became involved with Mumbles' efforts to recover a long-hidden jewel before other criminals could find it. During the course of this adventure, Kiss revealed to Kisme that Kiss was her mother and that Mumbles was her father.

Mumbles seemed to pass away shortly after the jewel was found.


Kiss Andtel (left), with her daughter


  • Kiss claimed that Kisme Quick was the daughter of herself and Mumbles, but it was not established if Kiss and Mumbles had ever been married.
  • The "Death of Mumbles" storyline contains many elements that are difficult to reconcile with established continuity, and it has been disregarded by subsequent creative teams. Mumbles has since re-appeared in the strip as a relatively youthful and vital man. Kiss' fate and status are unknown.