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Lt. Kirk Smith was a USAAC Flying officer. He was a brother of Laffy Smith. Kirk had light eyes, delicate features, and freckles (like his brother).

The War Hero[]

Smith returned to Dick Tracy's city after a heroic tenure of service during World War II. He learned that his brother was in police custody after having committed several serious crimes, including murder. Kirk also learned that Laffy was suffering from extreme malnutrition due to a severe case of lockjaw.

Lt. Smith arrived at police headquarters and was greeted warmly by the officers on duty. Smith asked to see his brother. Laffy refused, believing that being associated with a criminal relative would diminish the public's perception of Kirk. Kirk insisted, and Tracy allowed him to see Laffy. Laffy refused to acknowledge any connection to Kirk, saying that he had no brother.

Kirk left and was taken to a reception being given by the Mayor. Laffy died shortly after Kirk's departure. Laffy Smith's dead hand was found holding a newspaper clipping about Kirk's reception.


  • His uniform insignia was of the China Burma India theater of War.
  • In all of his appearances, Lt. Kirk Smith was only shown in profile.
  • Reference was made to Kirk having killed "30 Japs". At the time, the United States was at war with Japan, following Japan's alignment with the Axis powers and the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The term "Japs" was commonly used at the time, though modern readers may see it as an offensive slur.
  • When Kirk visited Laffy, Laffy falsely claimed that he had no brother. It is unclear if the brothers had any other siblings.
  • Kirk was honored at a reception being held by the Mayor. It is not explicitly stated in the strip, but it was presumably Mayor Stanley Norris, who had been established as Mayor during the previous storyline involving Mrs. Pruneface.