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Kinny Scope was a member of T.V. Wiggles' gang. He had short dark hair that was thin on the top his head. He typically wore a boater-style hat.

Kinny Scope was part of T.V. Wiggles' extortion scheme, in which the owners of restaurants and bars would be solicited for protection money. If the money wasn't paid, the gang would damage the establishments' television sets.

Scope was followed by police to the gang's headquarters after one of these extortion attempts. Wiggles (the only other member of the gang who was present at the time) jumped out a window while Scope engaged in a brief shootout with Dick Tracy and Sam Catchem. Scope was wounded in the arm and taken into custody.

Scope refused to provide any information about T.V. Wiggles to the police. Wiggles remained a fugitive for some time.


  • T.V. Wiggles' gang consisted of Kinny Scope and two other men. All three of them appeared in shadow on July 30th, 1950. One member of the gang appeared in the strip from August 2nd, 1950, but they were not named and ambiguity in the art makes it difficult to identify if this was meant to be Kinny Scope.
  • The name "Kinny Scope" is apparently a play on the term "kinescope", which is a recording of a television program made on motion picture film directly through a camera lens focused on the screen of a video monitor.