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The man known as King of Spades was the second-in-command of the 52 Gang.

King of Spades was assigned by Ace of Spades to steal Diet Smith's Space Coupe and abduct the pilot Dyne O'Matick. Once they had accomplished this, King of Spades and his team conducted several killings of the gang's enemies using the Space Coupe.

King and his team eventually brought the Space Coupe to the 52 Gang's mesa-top resort hideout, where they celebrated their success. When Ace and King left in the Space Coupe to embark on their next criminal scheme, they were unaware that Dick Tracy (disguised as Ten of Spades) had hidden himself on board.

Tracy confronted Ace and King and a struggle ensued. Tracy managed to force King of Spades into the Space Coupe's ejection tube, and O'Matick sent King of Spades out of the vessel to his death in outer space.

The rest of the gang (except for Ace of Spades) were later killed as well.


  • King of Spades was established to be one of the gang members who abducted Dyne O'Matick and stole the Space Coupe. Therefore, readers can assume that his first appearance was on September 6th, 1962, even though the individual gang members were not identified.
  • Due to inconsistency in the artwork and lettering, Ace of Spades and King of Spades were often interchanged. For example, Ace of Spades was sometimes depicted as heavyset, while other times he was shown as more slender (as was King of Spades).