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Kincaid "Canhead" Plenty was B.O. Plenty's wealthy older brother. He had short dark hair and wore eyeglasses. He was nicknamed "Canhead" as a child because his younger brother B.O. was unable to pronounce "Kincaid".

Canhead had been successful in business, but unlucky in love. He had been married (and presumably divorced) five times.

Reunion with B.O. Plenty[]

Canhead came to visit the Plentys at Sunny Dell Acres and was appalled at the building's dilapidated state. He insisted on paying for improvements to the home, including a modern bathroom.

While construction was underway, Canhead was blackmailed by his ex-wife Pony and 3-D Magee. Pony claimed to have evidence that Kincaid had been directly responsible for the death of an employee several years previously, and she threatened to take this evidence to the police unless Kincaid gave her a large sum of money. Pony and Magee then put Kincaid in a vest made of TNT to ensure his cooperation until the money was delivered.

Kincaid survived this ordeal and was cleared of the murder charges that Pony was holding against him. Upon the completion of the renovations at Sunny Dell Acres, he left the city on good terms with his brother.


  • It was strongly implied that all of Morin Plenty's sons were present for the funeral of his wife Blossom. This would presumably include Kincaid, though this was not explicitly shown or stated.