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Ludwig Harmonic was the adult son of Phil Harmonic. He was tall and slender, and had long white hair with a dark streak in the center. He took the stage name Kid Vicious when he began to pursue a career as a rock musician.

Ludwig stole his father's valuable Stradivarius violin and sold it to Virgil Ohso. He then took the money and used it to start a rock band with a number of other established musicians.

Kid Vicious (as he was now known) and his band were hired to play at an embassy party in Dick Tracy's city. Kid Vicious was surprised and annoyed to see that his father was also at the party, playing with a string quartet.

Unbeknownst to Kid Vicious, Virgil Ohso was a terrorist who arranged for the Stradivarius to be rigged with a bomb and then planted at the embassy, where he expected it would be found and detonate upon being played. The plot was thwarted by Dick Tracy.

Ohso arrived at the embassy, expecting to observe the aftermath of an explosion. Kid Vicious recognized Ohso in the crowd of on-lookers and identified him as the man to whom he had sold the stolen Stradivarius. Ohso then shot and killed Kid Vicious.

Following his son's death, Phil Harmonic arranged to record a special song in his honor with Kid Vicious' band.


  • The name "Kid Vicious" was apparently inspired by that of Sid Vicious, lead singer of the punk band The Sex Pistols.
  • Kid Vicious was shot on Satuday, March 13th 2010. The depiction of this event was reprised on Sunday the 14th, where he was still seen alive beforehand. So, while he was apparently only shot once, his life was not shown as over until March 14th, 2010.