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Kenneth Grebb was a drug smuggler whom Dick Tracy encountered early in his career as a plainclothes officer. He was a bald man with a thin, dark moustache.

After concluding the case of Alec Penn, Tracy was invited to Devil's Island with Tess for a vacation. Upon Tracy's arrival at Mr. Dale's cabin, his daughter Marge Dale (a friend of Tess') was almost killed on multiple occasions. Tracy began to suspect that her supposed lover (Grebb) was trying to kill her.

Tracy learned from Mr. Dale that Kenneth Grebb was a dope smuggler who had also been blackmailing Mr. Dale for many years. After Mr. Dale ran out of money, Grebb began trying to kill Marge in order to collect on her $50,000 life insurance policy.

Tracy confronted Grebb, who attempted to escape through the mountains, taking Marge with him. Tracy followed, battling both Grebb and a bear. Tracy was able to save Marge, but Grebb was killed in a rock slide.