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Keeno the Great was a professional knife thrower and a killer. He had dark hair and a handlebar moustache. He was also left-handed.

Revenge-Seeking Relative[]

Keeno the Great was the cousin of a man named Ponto Gillis. Sometime in the early 1960s, Gillis was killed by the criminal known as "Diamond Tooth" Rinkles. Shortly thereafter, Keeno took revenge on Rinkles and beheaded him. He deposited Rinkles' head and the meat cleaver that he had used in the bay of Dick Tracy's city, where they went undiscovered for some time.

In 1973, divers discovered Rinkles' skull in the bay. It was returned to his half-sister Florabelle, his only relative. Dick Tracy began an investigation and began to dredge the bay. The search resulted in Keeno's custom-made left-handed meat cleaver being found.

Keeno stole the skull from Florabelle Rinkles' home and removed the remaining diamond-studded tooth from it. When he saw a television report that he was being sought by police, he threw a knife through his TV screen. He attempted to dispose of the skull, but unintentionally threw it into a wooded area where hikers eventually found it.

On the Run[]

The fugitive Keeno sought refugee with a former assistant of his named Zelma and attempted to bribe her into helping him by giving her the diamond-studded tooth. Zelma bore a grudge against Keeno because a mis-directed throw of his had resulted in her losing part of her ear. She trapped him in a closet while she went out and decided what to do.

While Zelma was out, Lizz arrived at her home, following up on a lead that Zelma was a known associate of the fugitive Keeno. Lizz found that Keeno had managed to cut his way through the closet door with a large knife. He threw his knife at Lizz which pinned her shoe to the floor. She threw him with a Judo blow and went for her gun while he went for his knife. He threw it at her but only struck her hat. Lizz got to her gun and killed Keeno in self defense.