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Keenan Wheeler was the second son of Mrs. Wheeler. His older brother was Willie Wheeler and his younger brother was Seth Wheeler. He wore round eyeglasses.

Keenan took to heart his mother's statements about the importance of education, and he dedicated himself to his studies. When he discovered that Willie was skipping school, Keenan became frustrated and angry at his brother.

One morning when Keenan deduced that Willie intended to skip school again, Keenan challenged Willie and the brothers almost came to blows. Seth intervened and prevented a fight, but Keenan remained angry. Keenan apparently had no knowledge of Willie's petty thefts. Willie soon reformed and his relationship with Keenan was mended.


Shortly thereafter, Mrs. Wheeler prepared to move her sons to a better apartment. Willie observed the arsonist Torcher giving money to Charley, their current building's superintendent. Willie became suspicious and arranged for his family to stay in the building after the other tenants had vacated. That night, Keenan and his family found the building was being robbed by looters and they barricaded themselves in their apartment. Later, Willie and Keenan sneaked out of bed and found evidence of Torcher's arson intentions. Believing they had stopped the plot, the brothers returned to bed. Willie was confident that the danger had passed, but Keenan remained unconvinced.

Keenan's suspicions were proven right as the building was soon engulfed in flames. Keenan was the one who first smelled the smoke and alerted his family to the danger. Willie and Mrs. Wheeler led the family to safety, and they escaped without harm. They soon moved into their new apartment.

New Home, Family, and Friends[]

Some time after that, Keenan's mother married her late husband's brother, himself a widower. As the Wheelers' situation improved further, the family moved into a home near Junior Tracy and his family. Keenan and Seth befriended Honey Tracy (after some initial hesitation), and they became members of her new Crimestoppers Club.

While investigating a rash of dognappings their neighborhood, Keenan and another Crimestopper named Fries released a truckfull of stray dogs that had been caught by Animal Control. The boys had thought the dogs were being abducted, and were not charged with any wrongdoing. They later helped apprehend the actual dognappers.