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Karl was a cousin of Edward Nuremoh. He had light wavy hair and a slender build.

Karl had a questionable mental state and often grinned and giggled at inappropriate times. Karl did not share the rest of his family's obsession with money.

In an attempt to secure his inheritance, Nuremoh murdered his wealthy aunt Margot and attempted to make it appear that Karl was responsible. Nuremoh hid the murder gun in Karl's room, and Karl was arrested for the crime. Dick Tracy was able to prove that Karl was innocent. Suspicion eventually came back to Nuremoh, who committed suicide.

It is not known how the Nuremoh family fortune was distributed after Edward's death.


  • The Nuremoh family lineage was not clearly established, so Karl's exact relationship to other members of the family (and his last name) is not clear. It was stated that he was Edward's cousin, which would make him Mrs. Nuremoh's nephew. It is possible that he was Margot's son (though this would make him the most likely heir to her fortune) or another one of her nephews.