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Kandikane Lane Flintheart was the second wife of Vitamin Flintheart. She was a happy, high-spirited young woman who had a successful career as a documentary filmmaker.

Kandikane had platinum blonde hair that was streaked with red. She had blue eyes and often ate candy canes. She also drove a motorcycle.

Meeting Vitamin Flintheart[]

Kandikane Lane first encountered Vitamin Flintheart when she made him the subject of a documentary film. This coincided with the case of Gruesome.

Vitamin and Kandikane had an immediate attraction to each other which blossomed into romance. Despite his age, Vitamin had little difficulty keeping with the fast pace of Kandikane's lifestyle. Kandikane was welcomed into Vitamin's circle of friends, which included Dick Tracy.

Some time later, Kandikane and Vitamin announced that they were expecting a child. They were then married. Shortly thereafter, Kandikane gave birth to their son Kane Flintheart.


  • A "Candy Cane Lane" is a phenomenon associated with Christmastime. It can refer to a street or neighborhood that is known for elaborate displays of lights and decorations. It can also be used to describe special Christmas-themed areas of a store.
  • Kandikane referred to relatives named Margot and Lois. Margo Lane was one of the romantic partners of the vigilante crime fighter known as The Shadow, and Lois Lane was the love interest (and sometimes wife) of the costumed superhero Superman. Kandikane addressed Margot over the phone as "sis", and the context of her conversation would seem to imply that the "Lois" that she referred to is also a sister.