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“Jumper” Bondy was a known criminal who specialized in armed robbery. He was murdered by Ivy, with the cooperation of Bondy’s wife Flossie.

Character Biography[]

Bondy had married Flossie some time earlier, and was the step-father to Flossie’s daughter, the mute girl known as Spec. While on parole, Bondy robbed a butcher shop near where he lived and fled into his darkened apartment. He was unaware that Ivy was lying in wait for him.

Ivy was crouching behind Spec and helped her cock an automatic pistol. When Bondy entered the room, Ivy squeezed Spec’s hands and made the gun go off. The bullet struck Bondy in the skull, killing him instantly. Ivy then fled, intent on marrying Bondy’s widow as soon as possible, leaving Spec to take the blame for the murder.

Dick Tracy was nearby when the shot was fired, and came to investigate. He discovered Spec, but found it difficult to believe that she was the killer. He and his squad became determined to solve Bondy’s murder.