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Judge Rulings (first name unrevealed) was a judge in Dick Tracy's city. He was a bald man who wore eyeglasses.

Rulings was an associate of the criminal figure Mr. Crime. After Mr. Crime arranged for the death of Judge Lava, he also arranged for Rulings to take Lava's place on the bench. Rulings was corrupt, and used his position to protect Mr. Crime.

When Mr. Crime's criminal organization was being dismantled by Dick Tracy and the police, he fled to Rulings' office. There, the men gathered a hidden cache of money and prepared to flee the country. The police arrived to take both men into custody, and Rulings shot himself in the head rather than face jail and disgrace. Mr. Crime was then killed in a shoot-out with police.


  • It is not clear if Judge Rulings had any association with Mr. Crime's other accomplices, such as Panda or Newsuit Nan.