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Judge Lava (first name unrevealed) was a judge in Dick Tracy's city.

Lava had started a Boys' Club in the city that he was passionate about. At some point, Lava was killed by the first Mr. Crime (or his agents) so that Mr. Crime could take over the Boys' Club and use it as a base of operations. Lava's body was fed to the carnivorous Muerte Vine, where his partial remains stayed for some time.

Judge Lava's disappearance was publicized and remained an unsolved mystery for some time. When Dick Tracy began to investigate Mr. Crime's activities, he discovered the shack where the Muerte Vine was kept, with Judge Lava's bones in its tendrils. The remains were soon identified by medical records.


  • It was not made clear if Lava was corrupt and a member of Mr. Crime's criminal organization. Mr. Crime and the other members of the Boys' Club board of directors spoke highly of Lava in public.
  • There was no established connection between Judge Lava and the criminal figure known as "Soapy" Lava.