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The man called Joker owned and operated a novelty shop in Dick Tracy's city. He sold magic tricks, costumes, and gag items, which he enjoyed using in his day-to-day life as well.

Joker had dark wavy hair and an avuncular demeanor. He typically wore a bow tie.

Underworld Connections[]

Joker was a friend of the criminal Z.V. Wheels, who worked as a counterfeiter for the Mole. Wheels planned to break away from the Mole's gang, and stole some valuable counterfeiting material to help fund his escape. As Wheels was preparing to leave the city, Joker surprised him in his apartment. Joker was willing to help Wheels, but the men were interrupted by the arrival of the Mole's henchman Mountain.

Mountain knocked Wheels unconscious, but Joker managed to escape. Mountain and Wheels were both arrested upon leaving Wheels' apartment building.

Joker was angered by how the Mole has mistreated Wheels and he sought revenge. Joker was familiar with Mole's underground lair and he infiltrated it without Mole's knowledge. Mole discovered Joker and the two men grappled. Joker used a bright light to temporarily blind Mole, then escaped.

Joker sent an anonymous tip about the Mole's activities to Dick Tracy, written on an oversized novelty playing card of the Joker. Unbeknownst to Joker, Mole had targeted him for revenge. Mole sent his associate Fluff to check the layout of Joker's store, then Mole arrived and shot the man he believed to be Joker.

It was soon revealed that Mole had killed a customer of Joker's who had been wearing the same mask that Joker had been demonstrating when Fluff was in his store. Dick Tracy arrived to investigate the murder and discovered the playing card deck with the missing Joker. This prompted Tracy to deduce that Joker was the anonymous informant, and he brought Joker to police headquarters for questioning.

Joker provided Tracy with a detailed description of the layout of Mole's underground lair. This enabled Tracy to plan a raid. Joker was then released, but he was informed that he would be required to testify as a witness when and if Mole came to trial.


  • Joker is a character created for the 1950s Dick Tracy live-action television series. He was played by William Tracy.
  • Joker appeared in the latter two installments of the 4-part adventure called "Dick Tracy vs. The Mole".
  • Joker had friends who were criminals, but he does appear to have been a criminal or villain in his own right.
  • There is no apparent connection between Joker and The Joker, the well-known arch-nemesis of Batman who first appeared in DC Comics in 1940, though the two characters do have some traits in common.