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Johnny Nothing was the grandson of the Blank, as well as being an actor and playwright.

Character Biography[]

Johnny Nothing conspired with fellow actor Anja Nue to lure Dick Tracy into a trap. Nothing wrote a play that was inspired by Dick Tracy's original encounter with Nothing's grandfather. Tracy was then invited to play himself. Throughout the rehearsal process, Nothing was consumed by ominous thoughts, eagerly awaiting his chance to kill Tracy.

The show opened in the amphitheater of the city Science Museum. Johnny Nothing replaced the blank cartridges in his gun with live ammunition. During the performance, he shot one of his fellow actors (to prove that the gun was real and loaded), then turned his attention to Tracy. Tracy fled into the museum, hiding first in a large submarine that was on display, then in a World War II-era aircraft that was suspended from the ceiling.

Johnny Nothing followed Tracy to each of his hiding spots. Johnny jumped onto the suspended airplane and was about to shoot Tracy when he himself was shot by Anja Nue. Johnny Nothing fell, and was seriously injured. The aircraft then crashed to the floor, crushing Nue to death. Tracy and Nothing survived, and Nothing revealed that Nue apparently wanted to kill Tracy herself as a means of establishing her reputation.


  • Nothing's play takes some liberties with the original story of the Blank, showing him attempting to gain control of the criminal underworld by murdering rivals, rather than merely seeking revenge on those who had betrayed him.
  • Johnny Nothing is never shown without his "Blank" mask. It is unknown if he was deformed, though there no evidence to suggest that he would be.
  • Nothing's "Blank" mask was depicted as white, rather than flesh-colored as the original Blank's mask had been.