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John Walsh was an American broadcaster. He was the host of the TV series America's Most Wanted, which attempted to find at-large criminals.

In 1999, Dick Tracy appeared alongside Walsh on America's Most Wanted. Tracy was attempting to find the fugitives Nutsy and Slugs Magnum. Tracy also displayed a picture of Dab Stract, despite the fact that Stract was not on the FBI's Most Wanted list at the time.

Walsh cooperated with Tracy and conveyed several tips that the show received from viewers who had seen Stract.


  • John Walsh is a real person who became involved in criminal investigation after the murder of his son in 1981. Walsh is a known advocate for victims' rights and an anti-crime activist, but he is not a law enforcement officer.
  • The appearance of Walsh and America's Most Wanted in the Dick Tracy comic strip received some publicity in 1999.
    • The strip's creative team had appeared on episode of America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back earlier in 1999.