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John H. Waldorf was a wealthy financier who lived in Dick Tracy's city. He had light, wavy hair.

The Kidnapping[]

John Waldorf's two-year-old son Buddy was kidnapped by agents of the criminal Big Boy. Waldorf was a prominent citizen and the kidnapping became a national news story.

Waldorf managed to maintain his composure and cooperate with law enforcement during the ordeal, though his wife was overcome with grief and became bedridden.Waldorf was extremely relieved when Dick Tracy recovered Buddy safely.

The Forger[]

As a show of gratitude, John Waldorf presented Dick Tracy with $50,000 in bonds. However, Tracy quickly recognized the bonds as forgeries. This led Tracy to investigate Alec Penn, from whom Waldorf had acquired the bonds.

Waldorf remained in contact with Tracy and later helped rescue him from a lion's den where Tracy and Pat Patton had been trapped by Alec Penn.


  • The story of the Buddy Waldorf kidnapping was inspired by the real-world incident in which the infant son of famous aviator Charles Lindbergh was abducted.