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Joe Noe was a late-night disc jockey for radio station XYAB in Dick Tracy's city. He had dark hair that he wore slicked back.

Joe Noe was targeted by Dude, who was seeking publicity for the singer Tonsils. Dude and Tonsils arrived at Noe's studio during a live broadcast, and Dude demanded at gunpoint that Tonsils be allowed to sing. Joe Noe complied.

Dude and Tonsils fled after Tonsils' performance, but the radio station was deluged with phone calls and letters from listeners who were amused by Tonsils' singing. Joe Noe hoped to find Tonsils, and he went to the police station to seek more information.

Joe Noe's arrival at the police station coincided with Dick Tracy's investigation of Dude, and Tracy arranged with Noe to publicly invite Tonsils to appear on the Dot View television show (which was broadcast on an affiliate of Noe's radio station).