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Joe Jitsu was a protagonist in the The Dick Tracy Show cartoon series from 1961. He was a Japanese-American police officer working under Dick Tracy.

Joe Jitsu had dark hair and a moustache, and typically wore a hat and eyeglasses. He sometimes carried an umbrella. He was an intelligent and soft-spoken man who was proficient in various martial arts including jujitsu (which apparently inspired his name) and judo.


  • Joe Jitsu is an original character created by UPA for The Dick Tracy Show. Like the other UPA characters, he is not owned by Tribune Media and is not available to be incorporated into the strip's continuity.
  • Joe Jitsu has been criticized as a Japanese stereotype due to his appearance, as well as his mastery of martial arts and polite demeanor. These were consistent with commonplace depictions of Japanese people in American popular culture in the decades immediately following the second World War. Despite his stereotypical traits, he was portrayed as a capable, effective, and admirable police officer.
  • Several of Joe Jitsu's traits seem to have been inspired by Mr. Moto, the main character in a series of American novels about a Japanese secret agent.
  • In the Japanese dub of the series, Joe Jitsu was renamed Joe Yamada (ジョー・ヤマダ警部). In the dub, he was voiced by the famous voice actor Shigeru Chiba.
  • Joe Jitsu's height is listed as "5" on his police card in "The Two Way Stretch".
  • Joe Jitsu is from Sacramento, California according to the episode "The Flower Plot"
  • Joe Jitsu mentions that he attended Osaka University (a real university in Osaka Prefecture, Japan that was founded in 1931) in the episode "The Boomerang Ring".
  • Joe Jitsu makes a brief cameo in the Drawn Together episode "Foxxy vs. the Board of Education".
  • "Jitsu" is also the name of an Evil Warrior is the Masters of the Universe franchise. He is a martial arts expert. It is not clear if the creators of the character drew any inspiration from Joe Jitsu.