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A sergeant of the Tribal Police on a Native American reservation in the southwestern United States, Joe High Eagle teamed up with Dick Tracy to investigate troubling events and a murder while Dick was on vacation. Joe and his subordinate Little Rabbit were the only law enforcement in the area, so they had no backup for any of their investigations.

For several days, Joe and Tracy investigated the hills of the reservation, trying to piece together a plot involving ancient Native American remains, a pair of archeologists, the Los Lobos Nuclear Lab and the casino Dick and Tess were staying at.

In the end, the two would find that Little Rabbit was behind much of the criminal activity that was instigated by a corrupt tribal Shaman who preached returning to the “old ways”, but was in fact working with a shady developer to get rich.

The Shaman and Little Rabbit killed each other when Little Rabbit discovered that he was being manipulated. High Eagle was confident that the unrest on the reservation could be resolved once unemployment rate among the young members of the community was reduced. High Eagle offered Dick Tracy a job, which Tracy graciously refused.