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Joe Doke was a member of Shaky's gang. He was a larger man who typically wore a flat cap. His hair was shaved very short.

Joe worked with Shaky's gang on the "Badger Game" scheme involving Snowflake Falls. When Snowflake was rescued by the police, Joe was peripherally involved in Shaky's plot to abduct her again. He was waiting in the getaway car (driven by Marty Mennis) outside police headquarters when Shaky kidnapped Snowflake. Joe went into hiding with Shaky and Eddie Endit after Snowflake escaped again.

He aided Shaky in his plan to get revenge on Snowflake, as well as when Shaky attempted to convince Vitamin Flintheart that he was a Senator. When their plans failed, Joe, Eddie, and Shaky were forced to hide out in an unheated building. They kept warm with a space heater, which caught fire. The building was engulfed in flames and Joe and Eddie were killed.


  • Some ambiguity in the artwork and dialogue has led to some confusion between Joe and Eddie. A later Rogues' Gallery feature indicated that Eddie was the one with the moustache and eyeglasses.
  • Similarly, it is not entirely clear which of the two henchmen was killed by the fire and which was killed by jumping from the burning building, though it seems more likely that Eddie was the one who jumped (rather than Joe).