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Joe was a henchman of Itchy. He typically wore a bowler or fedora-style hat.

Joe and his associate Ed met B.O. Plenty in a bar and determined that Plenty could be easily robbed of the fortune he had stolen from Breathless Mahoney. They told their boss Itchy about Plenty, and Itchy recruited Mahoney's mother Elia into their scheme.

Elia lured B.O. Plenty to Itchy's hideout, where the criminals tortured him until he revealed where the money could be found. Itchy and Elia went to collect it, and Itchy killed Elia during a confrontation with police. Itchy then returned to his hideout. Itchy, Joe, and Ed sent B.O. Plenty down a sewer tunnel tied to a plank of wood, believing that he would drown or starve.


Itchy kills Joe

When the three men went to divide the stolen money, Itchy claimed most of it for himself. Joe objected, and Itchy shot him through the head, killing him.


  • Joe's full name was never revealed.
  • Joe was never depicted outside the company of Ed. Their named were not stated until two weeks after they first appeared.