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Joe Lead was an accomplice of Blowtop Jones in the two million dollar express company robbery. He had dark eyes and eyebrows, and light hair that he wore very short. He typically wore a flat cap and a bow tie.

After attempts to kill Dick Tracy and his son Junior Tracy both failed, Blowtop's girlfriend Toots Banks and Joe became disillusioned with Blowtop's leadership. Joe shot Blowtop in the neck and he and Toots escaped with a suitcase that they believed to contain $900,000 in marked money that would need to be laundered.

On the way to their hideout, Joe murdered Toots and left her body in the back seat of the abandoned car. The car was found and Tracy discovered Toots' body. In her purse was a reservation card for the Clover Motel tourist cabins.

Joe arrived at the Clover Motel and realized that he had grabbed the wrong suitcase. He was now stranded, with no money and without a car. Dick Tracy and a squad of police soon arrived and Joe was seriously wounded in a shootout.

At police headquarters, Joe realized that he was facing several charges of murder and attempted murder. He committed suicide by leaping from a seventh story window.


  • Referred to only as "Joe" in the original story, the character was given the full name "Joe Lead" in a later Rogues' Gallery entry. It is unclear if his last name would be pronounced "Leed" or "Led".