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Jinny Lynn was an attractive blonde singer and member of 88 Keyes murder gang. She was also romantically involved with the piano player.

Character Biography[]

Jinny was present at the murder of the millionaire A.B. Helmet, giving her accomplice Piano Tuner the signal when to stab Helmet. For her role in the murder, she received $1,000.

When the newspaper reported that Mrs. Helmet (who contracted Keyes to commit the murder) had received a $200,000 insurance payment, Jinny became dissatisfied with the $1,000 she had been paid. She also became suspicious of Keyes' relationship to Mrs. Helmet.


When Jinny attempted to contact Tuner, Keyes shot her (May 3rd, 1943). She died from the injury. Keyes hid her body inside a grand piano, where it was later found by Dick Tracy


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    Jinny's last name was not revealed to be "Lynn" until a later Rogues' Gallery entry about her.
  • The name "Jinny Lynn" may have drawn inspiration from several sources. Jenny Lind was the name of a well-known Swedish opera singer in the 19th century. Additionally, "Ginny Lynne" was an alias used by the character Nell in an episode of "Dudley Do-Right", in which she posed as a girl singer.