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Jimmy Gander was a gambling kingpin who was targeted for murder by the 52 Gang. He had a wife whom he lavished with expensive gifts (jewelry, fur coats, etc).

Jimmy Gander was driving in his car when some members of the 52 Gang flew the stolen Space Coupe very close to Gander's vehicle. Gander crashed into a rocky outcropping. He was then taken by the gang members who attached a chain to his wrists and hung his body around the steeple of the Northdale Union Station in Dick Tracy's city.

The 52 Gang sent a note to Gander's wife which read "The goose hangs high". Gander's body was recovered after he had been missing for several days.


  • Jimmy Gander was only ever depicted from a distance, so his physical features are difficult to identify.
  • It was not explicitly stated that Gander was killed when his car crashed, but it was implied. It is unlikely that he would have been hanged from the steeple while he was still alive.
  • It is likely that Jimmy Gander had some association with his wife's maid Della, but this cannot be proven.