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Bono Jack (aka Jimmy-the-Juice) was a known criminal in Dick Tracy's city. He had a wide mouth, slanted eyes, and eyebrows that resembled the F-Holes of a violin.

Jimmy-the-Juice was a contact for the fugitive Punky Dew. Jimmy had arranged to communicate with Punky via a go-between - the trained talking raven called "Stoolie" who lived at the city zoo. This enabled Jimmy-the-Juice and Punky to send messages back and forth without meeting in person.

Jimmy arranged for Punky to take up residence at the Hotel Blake (in a very expensive suite of rooms), and he also loaned Punky $1000 with the understanding that Punky would pay him back double that amount in one month.

The police discovered Stoolie's ability to speak and the bird was written about in the local newspaper. Punky and Jimmy agreed that Stoolie was now a liability, and Jimmy went to the aviary to kill Stoolie. Punky saw this as an opportunity to kill Jimmy and eliminate his debt, so he went to the aviary as well.

The police were waiting at the aviary and a conflagration ensued. Punky killed Jimmy-the-Juice, and was then shot and killed by Sam Catchem.


  • Jimmy-the-Juice's name was only ever represented in full, with hyphens.
  • It was implied that Punky was connected to a larger criminal organization. Jimmy-the-Juice was apparently part of this organization as well.